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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our products.

Yes. Our dataset is based purely on publicly available information and significantly includes registry data (for more information, see our information note Registry Data).

Customer data is only processed with an order data processing agreement (DPA) under consideration of numerous security measures and additionally (if the objective allows it) anonymized by our customers and / or us to minimize personal data in our database.

No. As long as you are dealing with analyses with a geographical reference (e.g. feedback on company locations), Geo Intelligence is the right product for you. By enriching it with geo-statistical data (source: German Federal Statistical Office), you can derive maximum benefit from Geo Intelligence.

No. Geo Intelligence is a stand-alone service and does not require integration into the existing IT landscape. However, through interfaces to other systems such as CRM systems etc. (e.g. via API) an integration or data exchange is possible and makes sense in many cases.

Yes. In addition to a number of predefined data sources (e.g. Google, GoLocal, etc.) that we review regularly, you are welcome to tell us your desired data sources in the kickoff workshop.

Geo Intelligence is a service that can be used generically for certain industries (e.g. insurance) as well as tailored to customer needs. Here, the degree of customization can vary: from individual sources to a model individually trained to your requirements.

No. Geo Intelligence is a stand-alone service that perfectly complements a classic CRM system. Thus, Geo Intelligence enables the enrichment of ordinary CRM data with unique customer insights. The combination of a CRM system and Geo Intelligence Customer Insights raises the information basis as well as the decision quality to a new level.

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